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EVM Portfolio Week 2

Evan James Martin
June 6th, 2021 · 1 min read

Update Week 2

Winner: ETH

This week, the EVM Blockchains performed worse than ETH.

EVM Portfolio up 9% since last week vs USD, and -6.8% vs ETH.

USD Value: The EVM Portfolio up 9% since last week but down 1% overall. ETH Value: The EVM Portfolio is -6.8% since last week and down 0.75% overall.

Next week.

I’ll be trying to flesh these review out more. Maybe add some widgets and a couple more graphs.

The EVM Porfolio

The EVM Portfolio consists of the following tokens:


You can view how I got started with this portfolio:

How I added these tokens to MetaMask.

How I funded my MetaMask with these tokens.

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